It Came From Within - Saturday 11/04

11/04/2023 07:00 PM - 09:30 PM MT


  • $30.00  -  True Cost
  • $20.00  -  Discounted
  • $40.00  -  Pay It Forward
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It Came From Within

"It Came From Within" features trans & nonbinary performers serving M. Night Shyamalan level twists on the familiar horror movie monsters and tropes that have seeped into our collective subconscious. Ask yourself, what if that secret thing inside was too dangerous to let out, too powerful to control, or unacceptable to friends and family? Monstrosity here provides an intersectional lens into queer identity: how does it feel to be “othered," whether you’re transitioning in public, a femme with unwanted body hair, highly neurodivergent, or dark skinned. How can you reclaim your power?

This is a 90-minute performance (excluding intermission) that frames emotionally resonant portrayals of otherness in under-represented demographics of our community, even by queerlesque standards. Our intention is to present a sexy as hell exposition of who our performers are, and to explore the terms of their inclusion, exclusion, recognition, and self-identity in this community.

Show Times


We're so sorry that we have to postpone our Halloween show, It Came from Within. It is being pushed back one week to November 4th and 5th (doors still at 7pm both nights). We hope you are still able to make it! If so, your tickets will be rolled over to that show. If not, we can issue you a refund - please just respond here to let us know. We at Quiver & Tempt Society are so grateful for your support, and we apologize for the inconvenience this rescheduling may have created for you.

We care about having a Halloween event for the queer community that's made with integrity. Postponing the show didn't come to us easily, but we believe this will give you, our audience, the best experience we can offer. Thank you so much for your understanding, and we hope to still see you at this show or at least the next!

If this has financially impacted your ability to see the postponed show, I want to remind you of our sliding scale entry fee that goes as low as zero dollars. Please reach out to Audrey / Morgon Sedusa at Quiver and Tempt Society (by email, Instagram, or our website) with any concerns or questions -- we want you at our show!

When: Nov 4th & 5th (Sat & Sun) Doors 7:00PM | Show 7:30 - 9:30PM
Where: Wise Fool 1131 Siler Rd B, Santa Fe, NM 87507
Who: Must be 18+, or any age with a legal guardian

Ticket Pricing

Tickets follow a sliding scale; no one is turned away for lack of funds.

$20 - Discounted
Consider taking the discount if you need it; we WANT you at our shows!

$30 - True Cost
The true cost ticket price is what we need our ticket sales to average at, to sustain our artistic work for the queer community.

$40 - Pay It Forward
$50 - Pay It Really Forward
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Want or need to pay something different than the suggested prices above? Please reach out to Quiver & Tempt Society (contact below), even if you cannot afford to pay anything!