Beyond the Binary Business Sponsorship Details

Beyond the Binary explores our relationship to gender and liberation through an immersive, magical circus extravaganza. The show presents a looking-glass journey of self-discovery that takes us through the natural world and concepts of gender throughout history, questioning the origins of our modern colonial gender roles and highlighting the incredible diversity of life and expression on this planet. Through a dazzling combination of movement, dance, and circus acts, Beyond the Binary encourages us to develop a sense of connection to the greater collective of living beings on this planet; to feel a sense of kinship, safety, and responsibility in regards to our community and the natural world, and to find freedom of self-expression and gender identity through self-reflection and community connection.

Show Dates and Times: 

Beyond the Binary will premiere at Wise Fool New Mexico on

Friday, April 19: Opening Night at 7PM 

Saturday, April 20: Shows at 2pm and 7pm